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Thread: Caesar Guerini Shotguns, Pit Stop Service & Online Store All Open!

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    Caesar Guerini Shotguns, Pit Stop Service & Online Store All Open!

    Caesar Guerini Online Store Now Open. Copy the below link for access to their Great Accessories!

    MD Charlton is proud to announce that we have been selected as the Canadian Distributor and Warranty/Repair center for Caesar Guerini.

    Custom Orders can be taken but expect up to 6-8 months for your custom firearm to be built and shipped. We have chosen several models to stock and in several configurations. To name a few Summit Impact Sporting - Summit Trap - Invictus Sporting & Trap - Maxum Sporting - Tempio Light / Syren. Different barrel lenghts, chokes, clothing and other accessories will all be available. We are working hard to get all of this information to your local dealer to be able to provide you with this fine custom made firearm.

    We will be providing you with a Caesar Guerini Dealer Locate Shortly. have your local dealer contact us for pricing and availability

    We are very proud and happy to extend the Pit Stop Program to all New & Current Caesar Guerini owners.
    Our Armour is Factory Trained.

    This link will provide you with all the required information from us at MD Charlton

    It is dedication to our customers that is unprecedented in the firearms industry. It is a belief that service does not end when the sale is finished. It is a promise to you that when you invest in a high quality Caesar Guerini shotgun you are going to get service that protects your investment and assures maximum performance from your firearm.

    As the original owner of a Caesar Guerini shotgun you can send your firearm to us once a year for a free service and tune-up (up to three times).

    Turn around time will be approximately 10 business days. Your only cost is shipping. The Pit Stop program is a great way to have your gun in top condition for the upcoming hunting or target season.
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    Absolutely beautiful shotguns.

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    what price range do these live in?
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