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Thread: Got my gear from Zahal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9mmGunGuy View Post
    I ordered some stuff from Israel and was hit was a large duty fee. Package was marked gun parts.
    Nice pics. Too bad these guys don't have a Canadian store.

    You can also use car keys for self-defence, put one key between each of your fingers.
    You don't have to explain keys to the police.
    That's good to know about the duty - pass big time on that.
    Who needs gun control when ammo and gun prices increase 25% every couple of months?
    The dollar does not keep on falling every few weeks to justify the increases.
    Were that the cause it would be called a Peso.

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    There is a good chance he paid duty he shouldn't have, and could have claimed it back, maybe still could, I don't know what the time limits are to appeal. Look up the specific part here:


    and get the tariff classification number before you order. Israel is covered by the Canada-Israel Agreement Tariff, which shows up as CIAT under Applicable Preferential Tariffs.

    I just took a quick look and it appears gun parts should be duty free as far as I can tell, check section 93.05 on page 93 - 3. Don't let the customs brokers steal your money, quote the tariff classification and stand your ground.

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