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Thread: Course Contest: Tavor Prize Pack

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer onetwentyish's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    East-central North Texas (AB)
    I have 1 and 3, like fenceline I pick 2!
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    I would choose to own the tavor:
    - long barrel, in bullpup design (muzzle velocity, accuracy)
    - cold hammer forged
    - compact, generally 25% shorter (improved maneuverability, reduced weight)
    - not stamped steel
    - long full length sight ready picatinny rail
    - tritium back-up sight built in
    - 45 degree offset picatinny
    - long gas stroke piston - stays clean, less/no lubrication
    - quick easy field stripping
    - full cleaning kit
    - easily add accessories (key mod rails, bipod, curved butt pad, slings, lights, vertical grips, etc)
    - takes standard STANAG or NATO magazines
    - barrel conversions, different calibres
    - threaded standard 1/2 X 28 for AR muzzle brakes, flash hiders and suppressor
    - battle proven
    - 6 point contact grip
    - weight is behind trigger for longer-duration carry
    - fully ambidextrous
    - mil-spec
    - drop in trigger packs, easily to upgrade triggers

    - list goes on.....

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    I have a Tavor. I've passed on the 858 and Swiss for a few reasons:

    -I prefer the ability to use STANAG mags. I already have a stack for my ARs, so why buy more?
    -Lack of pistol/Beo mag availability for the 858 or Swiss makes it less than desirable for Tac Rifle matches
    -Tavor is a robust design; it just runs.
    -Bullpup took a little effort to get used to manipulating, but it is very ergonomic once I figured it out
    -balance is EXCELLENT, making it easy to manipulate
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    Currently own 2 of the 3. The cz858 and the Tavor. The tavor is my go to rifle do to the size. It's great when traveling and it's super durable.
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    I would like to own a Tavor. I drive a Jeep TJ and with space at a premium, the bullpup design means I would take it with me more often than the other two.

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    I would pick the Swiss Arms, because I own two Vz 58s, and although I'd like a Tavor, I'd like a Swiss Arms more.
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    Tavor. I already have one but the reason I would choose that one is because the two tone looks badass
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    The Tavor because it's the next rifle on my list. ....and because it's short, reliable, plenty of accessories available from Fab Defense (Zahal),takes STANAG magazines (LAR and Beowulf) and that it's NR

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    My 858 has never failed me and has twice as many rounds through it.
    An 858/58 course would be great too.
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    #2 Been a fan for a while, and already have a tavor :P

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