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Thread: Course Contest: Tavor Prize Pack

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    Well,I have the Tavor and a VZ58 so it has to be the Swiss Arms..kelly

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    I would own the 858. Because it is the most Russian. And therefor the most best.

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    I would take the SAN, you cannot beat the Swiss engineering = accuracy and durability…although it is a bit heavy.
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    As an Israeli I have no doubts Tavor would've be my best friend . The choice is simple - Tavor, and if it is good enough for Zahal, it is good enough for me. Pretty accurate and compact enough.
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    Currently own one of each. Their military pedigree is the driver for acquisition. Would be interesting to see what Zahal has planned for the Swiss.

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    SIG of course!! The handling are amazing and it's a proven platform

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    I would choose to own the vz58 and the Tavor with the caveat that the vz58 would have to be in 7.62x39.

    The vz58 serves the role of the rugged SHTF gun. The ultimately dependable go to gun when things really go bad. This is due to commonality of parts and availability of replacement parts whereas replacement parts in such a scenario for something like my Tavor would be harder to come by.

    The Tavor would serve as a truck gun, and the go to gun where spare ammo in 5.56 is expected but where 7.62x39 is less available. Also, where close quarters use is expected.

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    I already own the VZ. It is a great gun that is cleaned regularly and functions very well and will take a beating. In 7.62 x 39 it has enough mass to knock down most game in my area even if it won't be a very long shot . For future acquisition a swiss and a tavor both make the list although if I were younger /or better looking it would be the Tavor first so I could attend a training session.Maybe it will be the Tavor and I will send my kid .
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    Since I also have a VZ58 and a Tavor, it would have to be the Swiss Arms........then again, another Tavor couldn't hurt. It's a fantastic rifle and after taking the course with Lovie this Spring, I'm even more impressed with it. Probably my favorite rifle.

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    Swiss Arms all the way. Own (in the family any ways) multiples of the rest
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