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Thread: Closing Down Face Book Page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacron View Post
    It can be fun though...

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    Yup---if you need to pass the time arguing with strangers, it's great. PLUS, it's kind of therapuetic putting screwed up loser lefties in their place (especially since they've screwed us over so bad in the past).

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    facebook is a total garbage dump these days. Got rid of this &$)( and wished I never had it
    Mr.Trudeau,you imported thousands of unvetted "m" “refugees”and paid $10M to a terrorist. We are struggling to lead a good life yet we are obligated to pay for this privileged class so that they can eat this country alive from the inside.

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    I still have mine. Some good reloading groups and sale groups on there.
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    Good for you realizing that. While we are talking about other nations like communist countries restricting the freedom of speech, the western world is doing the same thing everywhere. It causes that more and more people to conceal the ideas in mind, which will finally burst based on some chances of events happened.
    While the nations ruled by dictatorship have defined rivals and enemies clearly from external places, democratic countries have to constantly and selectively import or generate enemies from internal sources to keep he society stable. In this aspect, social network tools are both used as propaganda machine for diplomatic purposes, and social engineering machine for conducting civil attitudes that backs up the will of state. It is the same as the commies after all.

    With another round of war storm is looming, it would be clear in your mind to understand what sites like facebook is really for.

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    Good for you guys. Facebook is not real life. It's a fake fantasy pity party.

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    Facebook and the piece of crap that runs it was designed for people lacking social skills and real friends---looosserrs--never been never will-pure liberal garbage.

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    Proud to say I've never been on it. Zukerberg can suck it!

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    Canada, the best place in the world to live.
    Facebook; A place for the mediocre narcissist to display it's participation trophy and it's 7th place ribbon while screaming "hey everyone, hey the Internet , look at me, watch me everyone, I'm having eggs for breakfast" into the ether...all the while hoping desperately that it's old flame from the high school glory days will contact it to 'grab a coffee sometime'.
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    Good on you for taking a stand. My ex-wife is in law enforcement and I am a retired reservist, so I am glad to see a Vendor that I've patronized do, what I feel, is the right thing.

    Prayers go out to those officers who lost their lives, and those who were injured, and their families.

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    Facebook is a Liberal Cuck Central.

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