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Thread: RCMP "E" Division Broadcast reguarding Ruger 10/22 rifle magazines.

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    looks like the arsies feel like they have the backing of mr. goodale and can do what they please. same format as high river. politicians say I got your back, and the law doesn't matter anymore. till someone collecting a federal paycheque loses their job, this will continue. it,s called incrimentalism,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigrunes View Post
    Support you all the way John , you are great asset and ambassador for us firearm owners. I mean that honestly , not kissing ass lol. The work you did getting those semi shotguns as NR and many other things in your time is awesome.
    Finally , one minor thing in the letter I noticed is shouldn't it be 25 and 100 mags not 35 and 100. As they seem to possibly be going after the 25'ers pretty hard. Cheers
    Excellent points sigrunes, and to add to Johns letter; the 10/22 was first produced in 1964.
    WTB full semiautomatic assault rifles, double barrel extended magazine clips, 30 magazine clips (half second or better), shoulder things that go up and high power ammo that can go through walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainamazing View Post
    @Wolverine - Would you be interested in starting an online petition ( type thing.

    Maybe not specifically about the 10/22 but certainly regarding the fascist way that the RCMP are allowed to alter the law as they see fit in a very concerning conflict of interest for the Canadian public.
    I might consider it, but I have very little faith in petitions. What disturbs me is the fact that our firearms community as a whole runs scared of authority, gun owners and dealers fail to understand our system or how the law works. If the CFO says jump everyone replies "How high?" instead of replying "Why?"

    When it was rumoured that the CZ 858 was going to be made prohibited I had customers chop them up and then demand I compensate them?

    Look at this current nonsense, all this panic because of a document from the RCMP which I suspect has no legal standing? If we allow ourselves to be bullied like this why bother with a petition, take the facts and go meet your MP, now if we all did that?

    Currently I hear of dealers taking these mags off their shelves! Why? Did they ask to see any new regulation or OIC in writing? Why is the importer not bringing in more mags?

    As for our shooting organisations? Words fail me! It makes me weep sometimes at the lack of education and unity amongst us all.
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    Very well said John if only more of this community had the same mindset. I wonder how many people took their mags into the local RCMP to drop off . We as a community are easy pickings with the way most people act in these forums...... Sad.....
    " An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last"
    - Winston Churchill

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    As always John, you are right on point.

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    Isis, global warming, election fraud, terror attacks, forest fires, refugee crisis... like who gives a rat's a$$ about this Butler creek mag bs. Is it a make work project or something? Please find something better to do with your time RCMP. No offence...

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    Thanks for your efforts.

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    When they banned the BX-25 mag, they put out a (press release?), same for the CZ's, and even for some blank guns...
    How can they make a law, and not tell the people somehow? Are we supposed to call the RCMP firearms program asking about each and every one of my guns and mags are legal today?

    I would think that if all magazines over the 10 round limit for the Ruger 10/22 specifically, they would have to put out a press release so that the hundreds of thousands (if not more) of 10/22 owners would know that they could possibly have a prohibited magazine... And I would guess there is a huge percent 90% or more that own a 25 round butler creek/pro mag ect.....

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    This memo is addressed to "E" Division only. Can anyone post the same memo addressed to other divisions of the RCMP? "E" Division is for BC only. Where is the memo for the other divisions?

    See link for RCMP Divisions:

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    Thank you Mr. Wolverine. Any future purchases by me or my family will be considering your company first. Also, Alberta is K division for RCMP, and nothing yet.

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