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Thread: RCMP "E" Division Broadcast reguarding Ruger 10/22 rifle magazines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by North60 View Post
    Very well said John if only more of this community had the same mindset. I wonder how many people took their mags into the local RCMP to drop off . We as a community are easy pickings with the way most people act in these forums...... Sad.....
    I went to canadiantire and bought 2 more myself lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    I might consider it, but I have very little faith in petitions. What disturbs me is the fact that our firearms community as a whole runs scared of authority, gun owners and dealers fail to understand our system or how the law works. If the CFO says jump everyone replies "How high?" instead of replying "Why?"

    When it was rumoured that the CZ 858 was going to be made prohibited I had customers chop them up and then demand I compensate them?

    Look at this current nonsense, all this panic because of a document from the RCMP which I suspect has no legal standing? If we allow ourselves to be bullied like this why bother with a petition, take the facts and go meet your MP, now if we all did that?

    Currently I hear of dealers taking these mags off their shelves! Why? Did they ask to see any new regulation or OIC in writing? Why is the importer not bringing in more mags?

    As for our shooting organisations? Words fail me! It makes me weep sometimes at the lack of education and unity amongst us all.
    I agree many ask how high. It's sad to see how many would rather be cowards than stand up to the bully on the block.

    The thing about the bully vs victims scenario is there are many more of us then there are bullies. If even just half uf the victims grow a spine and band together the bully cant pick on them very easy anymore.
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    Here's a fun thought - why don't we all pick a day and call the firearms centre and ask, one by one, if our guns, magazines and accessories are still legal, and then ask for them to put it in writing and mail it to us? It's certainly not an offense to be certain of the legal status of the firearms and accessories we own, and it's good practice (due diligence)to get it in writing. It's also a sure and certain way to send a message that the current system is a bad joke, which endangers our civil rights and would very certainly cause the system to grind to a ranking full stop. It could also be repeated as necessary until the message was clearly heard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captainamazing View Post
    @Wolverine - Would you be interested in starting an online petition ( type thing.

    Maybe not specifically about the 10/22 but certainly regarding the fascist way that the RCMP are allowed to alter the law as they see fit in a very concerning conflict of interest for the Canadian public.
    Keep in mind is completely useless and not even looked at

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    gotta say good on ya Wolverines!! even a big named hunting/fishing retailer (we all know who it is) folded to this non sense and took all the "prohib" mags off their website... just stunning

    "das boot!!!"

    WTS disclaimer-- unless stated as "included" in my ad please dont assume an item is. thank you.

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    Good job Wolverine!

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    Kudos on the display of backbone Wolverine!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnC6 View Post
    Keep in mind is completely useless and not even looked at
    ok then how bout' we all mail pictures of our famlies enjoying our 10/22 mags to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson?

    Bitching on CGN will certainly yield less results than a weak campaign. I'm open to ideas but we have to have a unified response that the RCMP will actually hear.
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    Might hazard a guess that the reason why we saw a leaked E division memo is because we have some outstanding LEOs in the west who are active in the firearms community.
    Regardless threads like this is why wolverine gets my hard earned money.
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    Love this thread. Thanks wolverine.

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