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Thread: Ordering online from M14.ca

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    Frank delivers some of the best customer service I've ever encountered.

    I've been running the SHG for the past year, and I'm installing my BFRS+MBSA now.

    As he said, if you have a concern, just reach out to him directly. He's consistently put up with my annoying emails at all hours on all days. I think I got a 1am response on a Saturday night one time.

    Seriously, great products and great service. If you place an order when he is between production runs, you might have to wait a bit, but its worth the wait (and if the product is in stock, you get it promptly).

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    I've had no issues at all, and always got pretty prompt responses.

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    When I ordered my black arrow and CASM a couple years ago, the package was on my doorstep FOURTEEN HOURS from the moment I hit "checkout". Mind blowing service.

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