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Thread: Scary Gun Sale #3. Please do not read!!!

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    That pic of rosey almost made me vomit. Good sale as always Frontier!
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    i have no budget to buy firearms right now, i have enough, but i still read all of these adds. ####ing hilarious

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    Can these shoot 30 caliber magazine clips in half a second?

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    The 10-22 post did not bother me because
    In translation he meant "An assault rifle in sane hands can be as safe as a 10-22"

    Now the Zastava EZ9 was Evil black and I could not read the country of origin on the side.
    This made me start to shake a little ,but only 10 times.

    Now the Windham and bushmaster are scary black,have terrorist type pistal grips
    and buttons of evil sticking way out the side.
    But with the years of wisdom of firearms my father pasted on to me, I think I could deal with it.

    BUT!! This O'donnell thing is just too far!!

    Had to have several double rye before I could close my eyes
    Yes I know I need to get a spell csech
    So...only 1%ers need guns and cars? Well if it saves 300 lives a year. You first !

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    To me, the Windham is way scarier than the Bushmaster, because, well...ummm...I'll let the name speak for itself.

    But in all reality, law abiding citizens should never own weapons like these. Notice I said WEAPONS. They are not firearms.

    These should be illegal for citizens to own, like yellow cake, RPGs, downloaded Rosie O'Donnell movies, and unpasteurized milk. Benign reasons for ownership, like going to the shooting range, be damned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen_Seeker View Post
    Known to cause PTSD after firing one magazine.
    It's called a "clip"... C L I P, not a magazine. That's something you read and maybe wipe your but with.

    Get with the program eh?

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