We sell a ton of parts for the Vz58 and Cz858 pattern rifles, and are excited to expand our own line of guns! This enhanced version of the CSA Vz58 features a 18.6" chrome lined barrel, and is non-restricted as a result!

Vz58 Enhanced Series 2 $1150.00 USD ($1490 CAD)

Leaving the optics and brake solutions open to the end-user, this rifle features the following upgrades:

  • Ambidextrous magazine release, which allows the shooter to use their trigger finger or reaction hand to drop the magazine.
  • Enhanced bolt release. Rather than charge the rifle by coming underneath or overtop with the reaction hand, the left side bolt release allows a shooter to send the bolt home using their index finger. These releases have been individually selected to make sure they drop easily when paired with their parent rifle.
  • AR-15 buffer tube and Fab Defense GL-Shock stock. Adjustable cheek weld, adjustable length of pull, and integrated QD sling mounts.
  • Discount code for Fab Defense Polymer Magazines: We consider the new polymer Vz58 mags from Fab Defense to be fantastic additions to the rifle, and we'd love to include a half a dozen in the box with every rifle. But CBSA doesn't like it when we ship hundreds of magazines into Canada at a time! So for now, we're offering a discount code in the box of each gun that will lower the price on the mags. We rivet these mags to 5 rounds specifically for the Canadian market, and include a CBSA explanation in the shipment from Israel, but we still suggest ordering less than 10x magazines at a time to make sure your package arrives quickly.
  • 2x metal CSA magazines, are included in the box. Pinned to 5 of course.