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Thread: Hemorrhage Control - The Tampon Myth

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    I always thought it was a bit odd thatg guys would put together first aid kits and add pads to it for bleeding wounds- because- if you are planning ahead, why not just use the proper medical stuff to begin with?
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    As a Paramedic, thank you. The tampon myth needs to die along with aforementioned infantile snickering concerning female anatomy.

    Like you said, soaking up blood and keeping the floor clean does not equate to hemorrhage control. To think otherwise would be doing yourself and/or your patient zero favours if ever faced with that situation. I've attended to more traumatic bleeding calls than I care to recall, but penetrating trauma (GSW, stabbings, impaled object, industrial accidents, MVCs with intrusion in to the vehicle, etc.) are chaotic, dynamic, messy and exhausting, quite frankly. A lot more thinking has to be employed that just stopping the bleeding if there is to be a positive outcome. You summed it up, this is a serious and respectful business.

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    I first heard the myth in 2002 from the head doorman at a rough bar I was working in. "Always carry a couple tampons, if someone gets shot or stabbed it could save their life". I never bothered but now I never will.

    Thank you.
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    Great info. shared and well written.

    I hadn't heard of this "incorrect" type of treatment before, however now if I ever do I'll be well informed to correct those who are perpetuating it thanks to you.

    Cheers D
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    I've seen this myth on a tv show that was one of those "how to survive" type shows.

    Although, there may be other reasons to have one handy in a first aid kit; I knew a rugby coach that was eventually put in charge of a female team and a tampon in the first aid kit was useful to use as .... Well a tampon of course.

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    Eloquent, well written and persuasive. I follow you on IG and was happy to see this myth addressed by combat medics and paramedics. Having seen and stanched chainsaw injuries I can absolutely see why diapers/tampons would be beyond useless in the case of a gunshot wound.

    Thank you for your continued service in busting these BS myths and especially in your advocacy of tourniquets. (Coincidentally the people who would advise the use of a tampon in the case of a gunshot wound would probably reject the use of a TQ "because it would result in amputation").

    Cheers and thanks again CTOMS.

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    Great article! This topic was being debated in 2005 when I first took my Tccc course. I'm glad it's been clarified
    Keep up the good work Ctoms
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    Well written and explained for the lay person. As a former flight paramedic and ER nurse I have been asked this question many times when friends ask about making home first aid kits. I think I'll just print your letter out and have copies to hand out !!
    Thanks CTOMS for all you do

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    Well done, thanks for the write up

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    My st. John's first aid taught the class the same thing: Soaking up blood isn't hemorrhaging.

    Awesome post, keep them coming.
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