0 Gun Bunnies, 100% IDF Veterans

It's finally ready! The Zahal Girls 2017 calendars are ready and waiting to be shipped all around the world! The 2017 Zahal Girls calendar features all of our girls (Lovie, Natasha, Orin, Shiran, Sherel, #### & Shir) with Israeli & US made rifle accessories & tactical gear. All girls are IDF veterans that server in combat positions such as: Infantry & Infantry shooting instructors. Photographer: Shuki Laufer.

The calendar is made out of 14 high quality chromo paper sheets, all joint together with a metal spiral, a small hook at the top (for hanging) and printed with high quality ink HP printers.

The Girls
Lovie M. - Shooting Instructor & Range Master
Natasha P. - Infantry "Caracal" Battalion
Orin J. - Combat Search & Rescue
Shiran A. - Shooting Instructor & Range Master
Shir E. - Shooting Instructor & Range Master
Sherel L. - IDF First Sgt. Commander

$21.90 USD with Free Shipping