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Thread: How to use Swaro Z3/Z5/Z6 rifle scopes for long range shooting.

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    How to use Swaro Z3/Z5/Z6 rifle scopes for long range shooting.

    The Swarovski Z3/Z5/Z6/Z6i rifle scopes are outstanding hunting scopes, however they fall a bit "short" for those looking to shoot "long range".

    The design of the zero-stop limits the travel of the elevation turret to less than one full rotation. Taking a Z5 3.5-18x44 scope for example, engaging the zero-stop limits the elevation turret to a maximum of 53 clicks (a mere 13.25 MoA). In contrast, the Z5 3.5-18x44 has 15.5 MoA per revolution, with a total of 70.5 MoA of available adjustment. The Z5 5-25x52 model has 49.75 MoA of available adjustment.

    Removal of the zero-stop is actually very simple, does not require a degree in mechanical engineering, exotic tools (a paper clip will suffice), can be done quite quickly, does not permanently modify the scope, and can be reversed in a matter of minutes, to reinstall the zero-stop and return the scope to factory spec.

    Implementing a rail with forward declination or properly installed shims under the rear mount, will make this adjustment useable, thereby greatly increasing the range of these rifle scopes. By limiting the down-travel it is easy to recognize where the rifle is zeroed - the shooter cannot go a full rotation below their designated zero.

    Here's a quick video showing how to remove, and reinstall the zero-stop. I've been asked about this many times and finally got around to making a video and posting this info. Hopefully existing owners of these scopes can utilize their full potential, and those who have considered them for longer range work, but eliminated them due to an apparent lack of adjustment, might reconsider them.

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    Good info, thanks Omer!

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    Very helpful. Thank you!

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    Omer knows his stuff. Ordered a fierce rifle and a z5 3.5-18 from him a couple years ago and hitting targets out to 1km ever since with my 300 rum.

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    Great video and looks simple to do. Would this cause any internal problems with the scope and lead to a malfunction in turn not covered by warranty? Thanks
    Victoria aut Morte

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