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Thread: Chips on my new Norinco M305

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    Wow, what did I just walk into here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterhenderson View Post
    You guys who jumped on this guy really take the cake, he is a newbie on the forum and sounds like a newbie to guns, just give him good solid advice and move on, he is obviously not trying to start something.

    That's why guys don't want to post on here, dog pile mentality

    Thanks, exactly my point !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CravingGlory View Post
    Yup, always happy to make tongue in cheek posts for a laugh. Can't help out the few that lack the intelligence to appreciated dry humour though, but I'm sure you will find other ways to find your happy place. You do realise that your little attempt to use that post in this situation doesn't correlate though, right? No? This just isn't your day, is it? To make you feel better, I'll play along. I'm so mad! That comment makes me angry! You're a (whatever bad name works for you)! Now my day is ruined! I don't feel very smart and you have damaged my self-esteem! You are very clever and mean, but you have an emoticon that also makes you seem like you have a good sense of humour, so I can't say anything that would make me look good and you look bad! You win this round Mr. Smart, funny, intelligent and mean man! Now your day shall be splendid! feelin ok brother???
    One of the ORIGINALS!!

    And remember, INSURANCE is always on the buyer, if you want it, just ask for it and pay the price!!

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    I think it's a full moon.....or period season for some...

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    Count to 10 man
    Never tell me the odds

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    How bad is the rust? Is it a little surface oxidation that can come off with a light pull of a scratch pad? Or deeply pitted? They aren't Springfield's haha

    I am shocked that a new Norc would have rust, though, even if it is a norc. I once owned one, that I bought used off a guy on here (long gone now, I regret selling it!), and it never had any rust. Some scuffs, but no rust.

    I would suggest editing your original post with photos AND with how the issues is resolved. I am sure they will take care of it!

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    There has been over 3000 views and 47 posts in under a day. It normally takes us 4-5 days to achieve this when we post new products and sales. It would be nice if the same energy and attention was directed towards our current government and their stand on firearms ownership.

    Almost every thread (dealer threads and regular threads) that goes over 4 pages on this website turns into online insults. The amount of text typed out on this thread alone would have been enough for over 20 well worded thought out emails to the public safety minister. There is no need to turn against each other at this point in the game.

    Customers posts on dealers threads (both good and bad) seem to have a way of mobilizing more of peoples attention than any other issue the gun community faces. Its not just the negative comments, but the level of attention things are given.
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    You should see the m305 i got from EE... lol

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