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Thread: North Eastern Arms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makembite View Post
    I consider the norinco CQA as the baseline for an AR. If it's of lower quality than that, then it's a no go at any price. I had a norc CQA, and I've known many people with them. Very few problems. And when I hear a retailer like this say they won't carry them, that speaks volumes. I really want the NEA 102, but I watched the preorders sell out and like al flahertys said, I might watch the next one go by too. I want to see some 1000 round rifles before I put my face and eyes next to it and pull the trigger.
    Very true. I'm regretting dealing with NEA. I don't need their rifle, I have enough ARs, but really was trying to get their latest gen AR15 and do a review. Trying to help out the CANADIAN firearms companies... but in all honesty, these guys shouldn't even be in business with all their shady tactics, unprofessional service and sub standard quality. Attitude every time I've tried dealing with them. What good is "lifetime warranty" if it sucks and your rifle is always in their shop? Really think twice people before going to NEA... especially with a .308 next to your face :yikes...

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    I almost pulled the trigger on a nea102 but after reading this I feel better about my choice

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    Good on you, AF. As a retailer I ditch anything that I can't honestly tell the customer "Yes this is a good product and it will work." 50% seems about right.

    I've run into a lot of folks with NEA rifles and they're.. Intermittent. Sometimes they run like a top, sometimes they need to be returned for a tuneup, sometimes they need a new rifle and sometimes it's something you can fix yourself. Sometimes the service is good, sometimes crap. Some of the issues are funny, if you're not the one who paid for the rifle, some could be dangerous. I've seen personally:

    - Rifle lower that won't take most standard parts kits.
    - Pin holes over/under tolerances. This is common. (I have an NEA lower that works fine except the bolt catch retaining pin is to large. I solved it by sticking a firing pin retaining pin in and bending the tips. I have an NEA upper that will not fit any lower I own except with a hammer on the rear take down PIN. NEA's suggestion to me was to assemble it and fire it. That'll loosen it up. Really? Don't think so. They then stopped answering my emails. I use the upper for a paperweight. Money down the tubes.)
    - Lower that wouldn't retain most magazines.
    - Failures to feed. Had one that fed a total of 0 rounds. Obviously never test fired.
    - Bolts breaking
    - Bolts not locking up properly, lugs weird.
    - Headspace out, casings separating when fired. (This one was fixed quickly under warranty by NEA, fixed unit works fine.)
    - etc etc etc.

    No idea if their QC has gotten better this year. I'm convinced that NEA doesn't test fire much of anything and I don't know how, with modern equipment, their tolerances can be so loose. I've never seen anything like it from another manufacturer but that could be partly due to the number of the NEAs around Ontario.

    I'm was seriously tempted by the NEA102 but once I calmed down and thought, I've decided to wait to see how they work. If they're good, they just got rich. Generally speaking, NEA is a horrible product and I recommend Norinco over NEA, which hurts as they're local to me. Since NEA claims to sell their products to all sorts of military clients, hopefully those guys are getting better quality than the Canadian consumer. I wouldn't trust an NEA in competition much less if my life was on the line.
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    I had an original first Gen NEA 10.5" Barrel, I had a bolt break after 300 ish rnds.. After that NEA sent me a new bolt no questions asked. i had 4000 rnds before i sold it and it shot great!.

    Im looking forward to my NEA102, and cant wait to see if its accurate!
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    NEA is absolute junk IMHO. At least norinco products function.

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    Just ordered 7.5" in 762x39. Really wish I had seen these reviews first lol. I'll let you all know how it works for me.

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    I had my info entered as well as my CC number for the NEA102. Glad I waited for the gen 2... or 3... or whatever gen it takes to get it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanemacbigsac View Post
    Just ordered 7.5" in 762x39. Really wish I had seen these reviews first lol. I'll let you all know how it works for me.
    You and i are in the same boat at this point, hopefully it's not a sinking one and we get great functionality out of these barrels

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    I had some serious issues with my first NEA purchase. I did pre order a 102, for the price I will allow them to redeem themselves with this. But I can say when I called bushmaster and slikes to inquire about the issue I was having both companies told me it could be a fatal error. Nea dragged their feet, accused me of lying, I sent videos pictures etc...owner did call me from Iraq personally, but even after that service was terrible. Took almost 3 months to replace a bcg, was broken and was for the wrong rifle, was causing rounds to chip off near the primer, while I ejection port was partially opened...but nea sent me some useless nea casino chips(no value) and asked to send me the parts to repair my own brand new rifle. So all in all I paid 800 for a 3 month paperweight and the return shipping for the entire upper, for which they did the repair. And haters lined up to stand at their defense.. cgn is funny like that

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    This forum is bipolar as ####.
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