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Thread: Sale on Hirtenberger 7.62x51 (308 Win) Surplus ammo, Early 80's Boxer Primed!!!

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    Is this stuff good?

    Well guess what. Read Caramel's post again (post#14). He knows. He shouts it out of fine guns.

    Me, I just keep feeding it to 2 semi-autos (FNH's FNAR and ATRS's Modern Hunter) and they keep eating it with great satisfaction. I get the occasional sub MOA group. Simply the very best 7.62/308 plinking ammo available in Canada. As a bonus, it's serious quality brass for those who reload.

    I bought 25 cases when they first came out (Montreal area group purchase) and I just kept a few for me. I shot 2 cases of it already and regret not keeping more. I might (should) jump on this deal.

    At that price, I would not even bother with group purchase.

    ... unless Tradex gives a sweeter deal for 10 cases or more... (hint hint, nudge nudge)
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    What do you need a brake on a 5.56mm firearm for? You should just slip a maxipad under your bra strap to dampen the hellish recoil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by volkov956 View Post
    oooh another sparwoodian
    Too bad I don't have anything needing that much .308 or else we could split. My .308 is my deer rifle, so no need for me here
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    Quote Originally Posted by caramel View Post
    It's my favorite ammo in many 308, very accurate in my AR-10 and it will print an easy 1.25 MOA with my Scout Steyr of the bags, i did stack it high when they were first available, all of mine are Hirt 74 Berdan prime... JP.
    Thank you caremel, DILLIGAF and macsailer! My CTR is hungry.

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    Aw jeez, I gotta stop coming to this site...

    Should keep me in brass for a good while though!
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    What would shipping time to Calgary be approximately?
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    I ordered mine on monday, shipped tuesday, and it is supposed to be arriving next monday...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gord1986 View Post
    What would shipping time to Calgary be approximately?
    probably 3 biz days from ONT
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    Delete.....found the answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMe View Post
    Does anyone reload this brass?
    Is it any good?
    It's good brass and ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumberjack_Kerouac View Post
    Could anyone provide any dope on how well Hirt ammo works in bolt action rifles? Having trouble locating anything of use with the search function.
    I was interested in this ammunition, but wisely I decided to try a couple boxes first before buying in bulk. I bought some 1980 boxer primed hurtin' burger from a local gun shop. I could not recommend it. 3 shot group sizes off a bench with front and rear bags were atrocious at 5" to 7" at 100m!!! I shot it through a M14S (M305) and a Savage Axis. For reference, the M14S typically shoots 2" to 3" with Norinco bulk steel case 308 147gr, 1.5" with Federal Power Shok 150gr. The Axis can print sub 1" to 1.5" with Power Shok 150gr.

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