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Thread: 2017 Shot show: Shooting the Tikka Arctic Range Rifle at 525 yards with open sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayupnorth View Post
    hows it compare to the Ruger Scout?

    i ask because i have a Ruger Scouts and ill be getting one of the Ranger guns next year (so they tell us) just wondered how they compare, cause they sure look the same!
    I love my GSR but Tikka did a better job of sight arrangement here and I would also prefer the GSR to have 20" barrel (regardless of Coopers arbitrary criteria). I think 20" is perfect for a .308Win

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    I bought one for deer hunting last fall. I love it.

    Best rifle I ever bought. $2800 and worth every cent.

    Two bucks downs. I like the light trigger.

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