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Thread: 2017 SHOT Show: Fun at the range (Tavor, TrackingPoint, new Vortex Holographic)

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    2017 SHOT Show: Fun at the range (Tavor, TrackingPoint, new Vortex Holographic)

    Yup, without a doubt, the best day has to be the range day.

    It's difficult to remember everything we tried, but here are a few.

    The Tavor I tried this year had a much better trigger than the previous ones I fired. I enquired and apparently, yup - revised trigger. Not perfect - let's not go crazy here, but, a significant improvement; now it's tolerable. I really enjoyed using the left-hand model.

    The Tracking Point system, while not new, has been improved. It's a lot more easy to use now.

    Place the illuminated dot or reticle on your target. Press the trigger slightly, your target is "marked" and range is calculated. Keep pressing on the trigger. A second reticle appears. Move your rifle until the two reticles overlap. Only when they are perfectly one on top of the other will the shot go. Even if the trigger is pulled all the way back. There you go, first shot, it's a hit, at 955 yards. It's so easy it's not really fun!

    Only in the US...

    Vortex introduced the Razor AMG UH-1 (what a name...) holograpgic sight. We probably won't say that it's aesthetic and sexy... (looks like a wood block), but, it works, seems to be well built. Granted, it ain't an Eotech.

    A nit more to come,

    I like to refurb Lee Enfields!

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    great post..thanks!

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    The Tracking Point system has improved from when I first tried it in 2015.

    Having all the controls through the trigger was much more comfortable and easier to use then the previous version I tried.
    Ironically we both felt it was cheating and not all that much fun to hit 955.

    Shortly after this we went to the Beretta booth and did some real shooting.

    The MP40 pistol (No stock at all) was interesting. Although shooting one closed bolt was odd.
    I would prefer one with the stock at the end of the day.
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