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Thread: 2017 SHOT Show: Mossberg 801 Half-Pint .22LR

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    2017 SHOT Show: Mossberg 801 Half-Pint .22LR

    Although not new this year I feel that this little rifle needs some attention.

    All youth rifles to me have felt lacking in one department. They do not grow with the shooter.

    This rifle comes with a place holder mag that acts as a feed tray for single shot shooting.
    Once your new shooter has some experience and are ready to become a bit more autonomous the single shot adapter can be replaced with a Mossberg 802 mag, allowing 20 rounds.

    The rifle is 4 pounds with a 12.5 inch LOP.
    Sights are standard post and leaf.

    All in all a handy little rifle with some thought but into it for the continued use of a newer shooter.

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    Kinda looks like a Cooey....except for all the plastic
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    Has anyone seen these for sale in Canada?
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