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Thread: 2017 SHOT Show: North American Arms mini-revolvers

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    2017 SHOT Show: North American Arms mini-revolvers

    There's something inherently attractive about pocket pistols. I stopped at the North American Arms booth thinking these were, like so many other toys, not available for us Canadian shooters.

    Of course, most are not allowed here, like these two - the smallest of their line:

    But I didn't that that there are some with longer barrels found on our side of the border:

    Size comparison:

    Not cheap for what could be essentially described as a luxury item or toy, but... they likely are fun to shoot
    I like to refurb Lee Enfields!

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    Fun to shoot but a pain to load and reload. I had the .22/.22mag

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    I sold my Mini Master for that reason. Gonna get the sidewinder instead. Should be better for reloads.

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    Never shot anything close to a pocket pistol but I bet it would be quite difficult to get on paper at 10 yards.

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    They are tiny pistols. would not try holding it with gloves on as you would not even see it in your hand! Great fun at a very close range! There are a few in Canada under the 12.6 BS

    Wishing for a endless supply of ammo........

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    I fired a 6" version in .22 mag and found quite a bit of powder and debris coming at your hands and even face, gloves would be handy.

    I have a single action revolver in .22 mag but don't recall as much junk being thrown out of it.
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    I have one of the short barrel mini 22 revolvers. Neat item but not meant for fast reloads nor long range accuracy. At ten yards you would be surprised. Unfortunately after us old farts are gone they will be deactivated or destroyed thanks to the Libs.

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