Lou and I met a couple people from First Tactical at SHOT. If I were to say one thing about them it would be that they are Very eager to get into the Canadian market.
Now if I only said one thing about them this would not be a very interesting post at all.

As Lou said "The founder of First Tactical is Dan Costa, who previously founded... 5.11. " So you get an idea of what to expect for quality.

Lou and I were give some stuff to take home a little above a patch or a sticker.
6x10 bag (I did have some webcam security stickers in it as well.

TriTac Flashlight

Includes battery (1) Duracell CR123
Lumen High 261
Run Time High (h) 3.5
Lumen Low 86
Run Time Low (h) 6.0
Lumen Map 18
Run Time Map (h) 39.0

Cerakote Diamondback Tanto Knife

And the best for last but sadly no Pictures Socks!!

This was all inside the pouch given to us. We had know idea what was in them at all. The following say we went back and thanked them greatly for what they had given us.
We mentioned that we would now need to check luggage now and were really ok with it and would only need to find a bag. They then offered to give us one if they had a spare at the end of the day.

Pictures to come of the Guardian Patrol Bag