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Thread: 2017 SHOT SHOW: Fenix TK25 Tactical Light -IR Capable

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    2017 SHOT SHOW: Fenix TK25 Tactical Light -IR Capable

    This is so new I can't even find it in the catalogue. The Fenix TK 25 has a constant rotating head that, with a twist, you can switch from white light to Infrared or Blue-Red-White continuously. The idea is kinda like the surefire vampire, but the Fenix head is continuous and has multiple contact points for each setting, it can go either clock or counterclock-wise. The lock is not like the surefire one where you have to pull and twist, it is just a smooth resistance. See video below.

    It comes with all the features that are normally associated with the TK series, such as multiple intensity level and strobe. The light also comes with a plastic holster with Tek-lok for clipping on belt. I was told the MSPR is about 100 USD.

    I am actually pretty impressed and will be replacing my aging surefire with the IR/White version of this. With a 1" body, it maybe able to be mounted on a rifle with commonly available hardware. A much more cost effective alternative to the surefire vampire series.

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    Nice that it comes with a holster, but the rubber strap cheapens it IMHO

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    Hey Greentips

    Just wanting to clarify that we will have the TK25 in the TK25R&B and TK25IR models

    TK25R&B is White light with Red and Blue
    1200 lumen white light

    TK25IR is White light and IR
    1200 lumen white light, IR high 3000mW, IR low 1000mW

    These lights are not yet in production so full specs are not available to publish yet

    We have both these lights along with the new Fenix TK47 and prototypes or our HL26R and HP30R headlamps on display at the CSAAA in Calgary at the Grey Eagle Resort, Casino & Event Centre today and tomorrow booth 212
    We also have the full Ruike knife line as this show as well


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