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Thread: The End of the CZ 452 Production, Updated.

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    Do they have fancier bluing and nicer wood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    Just ordered a 452 Lux...
    ... and picked it up from the post office a couple of days ago. Very impressed with it... great looking wood & metal, sights are excellent, trigger is light and smooth. I had been wondering if my eyes were too old for iron sights but apparently not. It helps that the sights line up perfectly even with my 4XL-sized head, although I have to hold my head maybe a half inch further back than "natural" when the rear sight is set to its lowest position (25 yards).

    The factory target showed a roughly 1" group at 50 yards, but this rifle is giving me something even better than tight groups... hitting whatever I shoot at, every time. Snow has been coming down steadily for the last ~12 hours, so I have been amusing myself by going out on the back porch and knocking the snow off the steel targets every few hours.

    Thanks for great service, and for making enough noise about 452 production ending for me to get off my butt and do something about it.
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    Ordered 452 lux. Fast processing time, thank you.

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