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Thread: Equipment Exchange for New Users Joining Since 2016-update Sept 5, 2017

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    Equipment Exchange for New Users Joining Since 2016-update Sept 5, 2017

    New users must join "Equipment Exchange L1 first. Members with Equipment Exchange L1 will receive the following "Equipment Exchange" privileges:

    1) Viewing all WTS equipment exchange forums;

    2) Creating new ads in the equipment exchanges forums. These ads will be displayed upon review and approval;
    (Your ad will be reviewed for compliance with EE rules and you may be asked to provide pictures to prove possession based on your account risk assessment)

    3) Having Trader Rating and leaving Trader Ratings for others;

    To access the WTB forums and gain full membership, you may submit the joining request to "Equipment Exchange L2:

    See FAQ "How to Gain Access to the Equipment Exchange Forums L2"

    1) your account already has Equipment Exchange L1

    2) a minimum of 3 months has passed since your account first registration date;

    3) your account has made a minimum of 10 contributing posts to the forum within the 3 months of submitting the joining request. Postings in the following forums do not count:

    a) Greeting and Introductions
    b) Off Topic
    c) CGN Community group of forums
    d) Equipment Exchange Forums

    Second submission is not a guaranteed access. We reserve the right to reject access to the WTB forums.
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