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Thread: Tactical Shot Gun Course Edmonton Area (30 min north of 66st and Henday drive North)

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    How does this work without a pistol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlummerding View Post
    How does this work without a pistol?
    We just focus on shotguns. Tactical firearms training is the same for any weapon we use, small things change with the platform we are using, as there are limitations to each firearm

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    Here is a detail out line of the course

    Day 1
    0900: Introduction
    – Range briefing,
    - firearms safety general brief
    – Firearm sights, and ammo and firearms selection
    -bead, iron, red dots, back ups
    -tactical, buck, slug, combo, flight control, non lethal
    - pump, semi, 870, Mossberg, m2, m4 , 1100, maybe other demos
    - sizing the gun, placement of ammo
    1000: Break
    1015: Holding, breathing, standing, loading/unloading, and Zeroing and patterning from standing.
    - How to hold and shot, push pull
    - Yoga vs tactical breathing, all the same!
    - Good athletic stance for 3 gun, and other standing positions
    - Loading unloading
    - Making sure you’re on target, zeroing
    - Knowing the limitations of your gun with ammo. (pattering)
    1200: Lunch fire available
    1300: Dry fire practice and Pivots and turns, Switching ammo
    - Importance of dry fire training
    - Pivots dry
    - Pivot live
    1400: Break
    1415: Shooting positions with barricades
    - Cover vs concealment
    - Prone, kneeling, and ready positions from behind barricades
    - Dry
    - Live
    1555: short break.

    1600: Rolling Thunder
    A drill that quickly helps you gain a degree of reloading efficiency by continuously feeding the shotgun from empty while trying to maintain a constant rate of fire. Everyone fires on target as quickly as possible in succession. When the end of the firing line is reached, the drill immediately repeats.
    Round count: 24
    • 10m from target
    • Individual targets, steel preferred
    Course of fire
    • 2 rounds loaded, low ready
    • First shooter commences firing. After firing, immediately reload the shotgun. The more the better!
    • The next shooter immediately fires their 2 rounds after observing the previous participant’s shots.
    • After the last person in line fires, he shouts “Last man”! Course of fire repeats for 12 revolutions.
    Helps with
    • Working reloading the shotgun from empty
    • Induces stress within a team environment
    • Practices situational awareness

    1630: Fight to cover individual
    Dry and live
    Charged and Pushed Into Retreat
    Poor mans moving target
    Round count minimum: 12 shotgun,
    Targets: 4

    Course of Fire
    • Start low-ready max load on shotgun of birdshot, change to slug.
    • 25m target – 2 rounds
    • 20m target – 3 rounds
    • 15m target – 4 rounds; engage safety
    • Move to cover and reload 3 round and engage 10m target
    Helps With
    • Working the safety
    • Speed
    • Reloading
    • Working with cover

    1700: Range clean-up

    Day 2
    0900: Recap from yesterday
    1000: Break
    1015: Shotgun drills
    – Steel knock down, timed events
    1100: Moving to cover and leaving cover
    - Dry and Live
    1200: Lunch
    1300: Shooting on the move, all directions. Figure 8 drill.
    - Forward
    - Backward
    - Left
    - Right
    - Dry Live
    1415: Break
    1430: Shotgun qualification 1 – Rolling thunder
    1500: Shotgun qualification 2 – Target charging
    1600: Shotgun qualification 3 – 50m rundown/jungle lane
    1700: Range clean-up and debrief

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    The weather is looking good for the training and there 3 spots left

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacticalyoga.ca View Post
    The weather is looking good for the training and there 3 spots left
    When will your course be rescheduled for?

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