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Thread: Enforce Tac 2017: Brugger & Thomet B&T APC 300 and TP9-N

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    Enforce Tac 2017: Brugger & Thomet B&T APC 300 and TP9-N

    HK is not the only one diving into the 300 Blk game, Brugger & Thomet also has its 300 Blk / 300 whisper version of APC out as the APC 300. Story is that SSK's JD Jones did not trade mark the name 300 whisper in Europe, so RUAG is able to make 300 whisper ammo using the name. That is the reason both B&T and HK 300 offerings are both labeled as 300 blk/ 300 whisper. In general, 300 BLK will function in 300 whisper chamber, but the other way may not be true. The B&T APC 300 is designed to function with both 300 BLK and 300 Whispers in both supersonic and subsonic - obviously, it is to take advantage of the RUAG's ammo.

    The APC 300 carbine comes in 1 favour, that is the 11" version.

    The TP9/MP9 had gone through a few changes in the last 10 years. The current model is the N model. The most notable difference from the earlier version is the lever safety instead of the push button. This makes the weapon much more ergonomic. B&T was expecting the introduction of B&T APC 9 would damper the sale of TP9, in contrary, the sale of MP9 has actually gone up. There is apparent a void in the market for 9mm PDW. Eliminating the rather outdated Micro UZI, this makes sense as the only other weapon in this class will be the slight bigger HK MP7, but 4.6mm ammo is a much more difficult logistic chain and is baggaged by German politics, especially if you are an Asian / Middle Eastern country. 9mm is always plentiful.

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