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Thread: ENforce Tac 2017: FN Herstal Minin and Maximi MK3

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    Quote Originally Posted by neoconfection View Post
    But how else would you have a bolt-action machine gun without the magazine well?
    They're really not that bad fed from magazines, not as bad as the common perception is anyway... very prone to jamming with blanks, the shorter length and profile of the tip cause the jams, much more reliable with live rounds (Still jams sometimes, but it jams with the belt sometimes too)... and in fairness, its the live rounds that count.

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    I have imported the Semi auto MK46Gen3 from US machine gun Armoury and converted them to full auto for our movie inventory. The work really well and I have used them in many films so far like Suicide squad. The RCMP gave them an FRT # 162186-1 thru -3, they note that its a Variant of the FN249/ Minimi and therefore even in its semi only state it would be Prohibited. The new semi automatic FN USA M249 civilian US version would still fall under the Variant of a machine gun by the RCMP. Very sad, I still think people would pay the 10k for a piece of history if it was allowed.

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