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Thread: Enforce Tac 2017: Andres Industries Tilo-3 Mini-thermal Monocular

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    Enforce Tac 2017: Andres Industries Tilo-3 Mini-thermal Monocular

    As the core of thermal image sensor getting smaller and cheaper, some interesting products are showing up. The last low cost 640X480 30Hz system we looked at was the Sig Echo 1 Thermal sight marketed at 2400 USD.

    It is still a pretty big sight mainly designed for mounting on weapons, and it is definitely not head mountable. There had been a few more "hobby" grade mini thermal imaging devices around but not enough thoughts were invested to make them really practical as "tools".

    At Enforce Tac we ran across this small German company Andres-Industry. They make NODs as well as thermal imaging equipment. Their latest miniature thermal "monocular" TILO-3 is the size of a Go Pro. If you don't pay attention, you may think it is just a toy camera with a big flash light. Well, it is not. It actually boast a 320X240 core inside a polymer case that runs on 1 CR123, all in 3.5 oz

    The TILO-3 comes in 3 models. The "dumbed down" model for German civilian at 9Hz refreshing rate is a waste of time in my opinion. I will say 30 HZ is the minimum, but the military model goes all the way up to 60 Hz. So it is either 3000 Euro or 6000 Euro. For LE/Mil use, I am also not sure I want my white light/IR light and the thermal together - God forbid I press the wrong button. It also begs the question how you can activate the IR light if your NOD monocular is in the down position. After all, why will you need IR navigation light if you do not have NOD? I am not sure you can stick your finger in between your eyes to play with the light switches. The designer should ditch all the lights and make the thing even smaller, and put just one big honking "on" button at the bottom of the device.

    Overall, the light weight of the system gives it a lot of potential to be a useful tool, maybe some tweaking down the road. Unfortunately, I am afraid 3000 Euros for a dumbed down 9 Hz core is not very competitive. If a US company can figure out how to the same thing they will face some steep competition.

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    Cool NOD though I would prefer a fusion rig with both a Gen 3+ image intensifier and fusion merged into a composite image.

    And that is one ugly helmet mount.............
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    Looks like they are just getting started in the Thermal and will have more selection soon. I wonder what would be available for Canadian export?
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