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Thread: IWA 2017: Tesro - A German Gun Maker with a Canadian Connection

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    IWA 2017: Tesro - A German Gun Maker with a Canadian Connection

    I admit I am not an Olympic shooter but Olympic style shooting is a BIG segment in IWA. There is an entire hall dedicated to air and small bore pistols and rifles.

    While I was browsing through these booths full of colourful equipment, I ran into a fellow Canadian Miriam. Well, she is more like a German that had married into Canadian. And crazy enough, she is also the daughter of the founder of Tesro! Now it explains why there is a Tesro Canada. True to its root, even the Canadian operation is part of the family!

    Tesro is a really small company with 4 full time employees. Miriam's brother and father are the engineers, mom is helping with assembling.....and everyone is involved. Despite the small size, the guts of the pistols and rifle are made in house. Every model is made to the same standard, and the price differences are only in the accessories that come with the package.

    Because Tesro Canada is part of the family, they can fix everything in Canada. And because of the family tie, you bet who it is going to get the priority! They can even test pallets and are looking to test bullets soon. Enjoy the pictures!

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    never heard of tesro until now, that small bore is absolutely gorgeous...
    Get some!!! ^^

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    We deal with Asmir at Tesro in Canada. He is a wealth of knowledge on smallbore shooting as well as airguns.

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    Works of art. I love the grips; remind me of Nills grips.
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    My daughter shoots a Tesro air rifle. She absolutely loves it! Watch for her and her Tesro rifle at the Canadian Grand Prix in May!

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    Thanks for greentips for nice post about us.
    Miriam has been posting some good pictures of new products and just some fun things she found on IWA.
    You can check them out on our Facebook feed.
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