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Thread: Garrison Petawawa PR2 Match - 17/18 Jun 2017 - Debrief here!

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    Okay, all errands are done, toys put away, coffee cup is full and hot, so it's time to start typing...

    "If you want to be great, be Grateful!" I stole that quote shamelessly....

    I have many things to be thankful for after another epic weekend in the Ottawa Valley , specifically in Garrison Petawawa.

    I am most thankful for:

    * a great pointman, the President of the Petawawa GC , chalkriver2 because he never stops running around getting more and more things done, even after the match
    * super butts officers like Sgmacken, Morgan, and Chris, and these guys can conduct the comms requirements from the top of the butts every hour as per...
    * great stats helpers like Nate308 and thumperrr who helped me with the addition and the v-bull counts (too wet to enforce all that mathematics)
    * most helpful commissionaire staff at J108; Base Accommodations who always seem to keep sorted out amidst all the chaos of visitors for the 3 change of command parades
    * a very fast group of learning shooters on Saturday as we conducted the practice in decent weather, then GTFO'ed to the next mound quickly
    * I'm super grateful to my sponsors, Wolverine Supplies for the use of their Barrett M98B since PaulL could use it and realize what a purpose build PR rig can do
    * I'm super grateful for the chance to buy my prizes from shops like Epps for the ammo boxes, and MEC in Barrie for the Machine Gun lubricant useful in Anti-Piracy missions
    * I'm grateful to be able to bring them banana protectors so that you can practice the mantra of "Sight picture, sight picture"

    We survived the thunderstorms and conducted our own "Check Fire" and went "Range Safe" before Range Control "Check Fire'd" all call signs later on.

    Now just some random thoughts before I let you folks de-brief YOUR thoughts...

    * Get off the couch /keyboard/YouTube and quit fondling your PR rig. Get out and shoot PR matches, get experience, get confidence, learn to thrive in the ever increasing challenges of ANY match, PR or PRS, get stressed, push your comfort zone and start attending matches. That PR rig is no darn good unless you get out and train. I will still beat you with a factory rifle and ammo if you ONLY show up once a year!!
    * I gotta run the matches so I only get out to shoot the match ONCE in 4 (or 5 or 6 ) years....
    * Listen to the experienced folks and develop the communication skills to productively converse with your spotter... just don't speak like this on the firing line:


    * bring allen keys, or at least a zip loc (dime bag) plastic bag of the SPECIFIC allenkeys YOUR scope rings and base take (also your partners' rings/base)...

    * my job is to run the range and not fix your optics setup, I do have dollarama/dollar store allen keys for YOU, but that's just for "mind fornication" YOU as you struggle to fix your cheapo Qhinese rings screws that loosened up during a match, I leave the good set of Allen keys in MY sniper ruck for me... ha ha ha ha

    * ALWAYS snug/tighten / torque your ring screws down before a practice (not a match... it's too late then beeyotch) then start your sighting in process/practice
    * Keep applying bug dope throughout the match; not like your s2pid Match Director who got hammered by mosquitos at the 500 m Snap match

    * Did you like that mantra of F-U-C-K ? It works on a daily (not necessarily 300m Agony Snap application) basis in traffic, with co-workers, annoying customers or students, crossing the street, waiting for the clerk/attendant on a phone inquiry. Let me know how it works for you. I DO know it works in Norther Iraq....

    So, what are you going to tighten up for your next PR match (here , there, or everywhere?) next time??

    What are you grateful for?


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    I'm grateful to have had my son shoot with me. It was his first time on a military range and second time shooting past 170M. His equipment work right off and as he learned by the end of Saturday, less is more. He ditched kit for the match on Sunday and went lighter.
    We met up Friday and went to Epps then road tripped toward Petawawa. We hit the army surplus store in Bancroft and got him some CF rubber rain gear. We traveled further and he saw where I lived in high school, met a fellow from high school I still keep in touch with, saw the old high school and heard my tales along the way. We stopped at Full Spectrum Gear when we finally got to Pet and picked up 'rite in the rain' note pads. I have to redo my 'come up' stickies on my rifle so 'rite in the rain' paper and clear Gorilla tape should do the trick. Without stops it's a 7 hour trip so we made a day of it.
    We came in second so that was a good start. As usual it rained at Petawawa so I was used to those conditions. Even if the match was completely shut down, I love hanging out on ranges so it would have been still totally worth the trip.
    The trip home was interesting with the violent weather. We had to stop different times and clear branches and trees from the road. We took a different route home so he got to hear tales of my travels in decades past along that route.
    Thanks to Tactical Teacher and Morgan for making these weekends happen.

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    Grateful for that oriental guy that teaches us so much stuff in so little time - Thanks Barney
    Grateful for that guy that takes care of a million technical tasks to make these PR matches happen in Pettawawa - Thanks Morgan
    Grateful for the sentry that assumes a vital function.

    Grateful for Wolverine Supplies supplying items that are given as prizes to participants.

    Grateful for all the conversation with other attendees, a lot of knowledge can be picked up from a lot of these guys
    Grateful that we get to start new friendships with new gun people

    Grateful for attending another PR match with my son as my partner

    Thanks All !!!

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    I am incredibly grateful for the kind use of Barney's .308 RPR when it turned out my 6.5 had to stay home. So grateful that I apparently stole one of his mags lol.
    Sorrry Barney, will send to you right away. Looking forward to coming out to the Sunday shoot in July.

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    Hey Barney and all of you,

    I am grateful that I can breathe, even though it messes up my shots.
    I am grateful for a great rifle teacher and leadership team, who so generously gave of themselves for us.
    I am grateful that each of you made room for one more newbie.
    I am grateful that I learned that water can get everywhere, even inside a "waterproof" scope!
    I am grateful that I learned that my Savage 10TR is one of the ones with loose scope mounts (now for the lock-tite).
    I am grateful that Danny's makes awesome prime rib, and amazing desserts!
    I am grateful that I met each one of you.

    Most of all, I am grateful to you Barney, who taught me how to F-U-C-K. It came in handy on Sunday evening by making my mom and dad laugh as we were adjusting to her (and our) new reality of her Alzheimer's diagnosis .


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    Here is a dropbox link to my data book pages (in pdf). I have also included the excel spreadsheets used to make the pdfs just in case you want to swap headings or tailor the info to your needs!


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    Great weekend. Thank You to Barney and Morgan as always for putting togetherawesome weekend shoots. Thanks to all the shooters, great to meet new ones see veteran guys again, always come away learning something new, and with new friends in the community.
    If your on the fence about these weekends get off it and come out, worth the effort.
    Thanks to our sentry with out that postion filled we would be switching out through the day to cover it.
    Saturday night is always a treat at Danny's, nice when new people are there for the first time. Legend in Petawawa for its great food, and homemade desserts.

    See you all again down range.

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    I am grateful for the opportunity to come out and learn about PR shooting from a great teacher
    I am grateful for work done by Morgan for us to be able to shoot on the base.
    I am grateful for the mix of weather to give me a better idea of what is and isn't needed for my kit (Less is more, smaller and lighter is better)
    I am grateful for the great weekend spent with my dad.

    I came for the shooting, and will return for the Steamy Ray Vaughn impressions (South Park)

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    What can I say? Yet another super fun Barny clinic. This one was the first one to be paused by range control due to "tornado" warnings. Thought I was in Kansas for a while.
    Thanks to Barny for bringing us all together and dropping knowledge on us.
    thanks to Morgan for arranging the range time.
    thanks to Morgans wife for spending all that time in the shack of solitude.
    thanks to range control for letting us play on the base.
    thanks for everyone that came out newbies and repeaters alike!

    hope to see everyone at the next clinic!

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