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Thread: Anyone try these mags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daver_II View Post
    Could you please make 10 round full body profiled mags?

    No need for coupling. Buy some 10/30 pistol mags would be hotcakes for me...

    Ideally with the USGI grooves at least half way down for my FS2000.
    Me freaking 3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavmentsurfer View Post
    Im curious, what are the other coupling configurations? Id like to have 2 mags coupled Side by side... that would be way faster.
    We will be posting a video tonight of the 4 main coupling configurations.

    Quote Originally Posted by chicu1981 View Post
    can you make these in 5 round beowulf?
    There are no plans to make .50 Beowulf mags at this time.

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