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Thread: Never ever phone in a order.

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    Never ever phone in a order.

    I made a online order and the amount came out to $225.
    I proceeded with the online checkout and then realized that the free shipping did not apply because the gst amount is not part of the calculation.
    Within 5 minutes I phoned canada ammo and spoke with a person and explained the situation.
    He told me the transaction had not yet gone thru (Visa) and he would add the additional item to get the amount to qualify for free shipping.
    I also checked the visa account online and it did not go thru yet.
    O.K all is good then, but when I received the e-mail shipping notice the additional item was not there.
    And the min $25 shipping cost was still there.
    I phoned again and asked about this and was told it was too late and he does not remember talking to me and there are no records of this.
    He did tell me that the manager would give me a awesome deal on shipping.
    Instead of an extra $25 he would charge me just $10.
    That was on top of the original $25 dollar shipping costs.
    I did find the item I wanted later thru a different dealer and found out their minimum shipping was $10 for the item.
    So I was not offered any thing spectacular.
    So when dealing with purchases it is better to use e-mails to communicate any changes or requests.
    P.S I did not want the additional item.
    Why should I pay $35 for shipping 3 small items.
    And of course I am waiting for the flaming to start.

    And yes I spoke to the company prior to posting this.

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    Any company that has flat rate shipping makes a profit on it.

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    Seems like you also phoned in the order when placing it online by not keeping an eye open. BUT that is definitely good advice to communicate by email or have them email you the changes so that it is in writing. Not saying that you shouldn't trust anyone...but you shouldn't trust anyone. Frustrating that they couldn't do anything real for you, but now you (and all of us) know for next time.
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    I find it better to just cancel the order and start fresh. Usually with adding or removing items through phone or email things always go wrong.

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    Same thing just happened to me... Kinda! So I was checking out SFRC aka the Ammo Source website at 3am in the morning when I stumbled across an Anshultz repeater for $195. Free delivery was for orders over $200. So frustrating. With the store closed and not wanting to lose the deal, I added a BlackHawk holster for my for my Beretta 92 which cost an extra $21 (another great deal). 2 days pass and my order was still processing (usually they ship the next day and it should say shipped) so I sent them a quick email and they explained that the holster was back ordered and in the same email they said that they did not want to delay my order any longer so they sent the rifle. The rifle arrived in another 2 days with the shipping paid for. SFRC was very professional about everything and I did not have to ask for free shipping after the holster came off my bill but they gave it to me anyways. Oh, and the Anshultz was totally worth every penny and more. The wife freaked out because it fit perfectly in her Anshultz' collection and for under $200. Thanks SFRC, the Anshultz really help soften the blow after my wife discovered the new semi shotgun I bought for 3 gun, the day after.

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    Well I guess sometimes things go wrong ....... I made an order from Can Ammo , SKS Mag Wedge Kiwi Rail and scope mounts ,,, well bellow the $200.00 free shipping limit but rings were on sale so I paid the $ 25.00 flat rate shipping .

    Fast delivery as always , i was surprised to find all kind of goodies also packed in my box..... added up the value of the goodies and the shipping cost turned out to be about $5.00 ..

    I did do my order on line ..

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    I ordered ammo a while back then remembered I needed new walkies for the camp so I called asking if I could add on the radios. They requested on the phone that i email them with the order number/details etc and cancel the original order. Then I would need to reorder everything I wanted. Which is what I did and recieved everything just fine.

    P.s. the Norinco 7.62x39 and 7.62 x 25 FMJ is fine shooting Non-corrosive ammo. Most accurate ammo yet from my SKS'S with steel cased. I only have one tt33 and have only used this ammo in it and I hit paper at 50ft so it's good enough for me?

    I will gladly do business with them again if they have a product I am looking for at the right price. Norinco ammo being a great buy especially when on promo.
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    Consider yourself lucky you are dealing with a Canadian company it's much worse had you been dealing with a non Canadian company.
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    I think the moral of the story is to know company shipping policy and adhere to it, and double check your order and shipping prior to check out.
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    Ive had good experiences with canadaammo
    I do love customer experience threads - any time there is an issue and phone communication was used, people chime in to document via email. And if email communication is used, they should have phoned in... Can. Never. Win
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