This sub forum is for discussion relating to products manufactured by Cross Industries. While naturally some comparison of our products to others will be brought up, we ask that you keep it fair and objective. Bashing our, or other manufactures products will not be tolerated.

Politics - No discussion or bashing of any political party, RCMP, CBSA, Canadian Forces or Country will be tolerated.

Cross Industries holds a Canadian Business Firearms License (BFL) allowing us to manufacture Prohibited Firearms and Devices. We may at times show some of the projects we are working on that fall into these categories, but these products are only offered for sale to approved businesses, government agencies or militaries. This is just to engage our viewers and provide some insight into our capabilities and projects we design and manufacture, right here in Canada.

Legal information regarding products will be answered in the FAQ’s. This sub forum is not the appropriate place to discuss laws or the legal system of any country. Cross Industries does not offer legal advice.

We will sticky a thread at the top of the sub forum for FAQ’s. Please read the FAQ thread before asking your question so that regular threads don’t get too cluttered. If you don’t see the answer you were looking for, ask away!