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Thread: U.n. Firearms marking regulations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claybuster View Post
    Except that the CSSA wasn't endorsing the UN's policies but speaking against them. CADSI and its members are "committed to working" with the Liberals to help them implement the UNATT which includes the gun marking scheme.
    CADSI is a lobbying group for defence manufacturers they will say whatever they can to keep a working relationship with whatever political party is in power and btw the exact quote is:
    " CADSI remains committed to working with the Government of Canada as it accedes to the UN ATT.
    Right now that is the liberal party.

    Last time I checked this has been years in the making, I didn't see the last govt getting out of it, Lord knows they had more than enough time. Almost like both parties realize there may be a reason to continue with it...

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    CADSI has plenty of liberals at its heart that worked for Blue Sky Strategy Group. Look them up. That being said BSG has the PMO's ear. It has been suggested that BSG has been doing access for cash linked to it's Canada 2020 arm .

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    If CSSA is going to send that out they should at least do us the courtesy of including details.

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