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Thread: Sinsinati single shot

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    Sinsinati single shot

    I recently received one of these and was wondering if anyone was interested in a shooting report?
    I shoot a lot and couldn't find an extensive report.

    Overall fit and finish is above the price point
    Ejector is well timed and strong
    The trigger was heavy but easily lightened
    The gun shoulders surprisingly well and swings incredibly fast. It's short with a 26" barrel and very light
    The firing pin is massive and solid with a heavy hammer to smack the ever living #### out of it. No light strike issues here
    The chokes seem of decent quality
    I've loaded 200 slugs and have 100 rnds of buckshot to blast thru.

    I will pattern each choke with slug buck and shot at various ranges

    I'm not expert or gun writer but ill share my findings if someone is interested

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    Do it!

    I've had mine for over a year. Did a "first impressions" video/review when I got it - very impressed at the time. Used it a fair bit since, but haven't kept a round count. Just been a solid little gun. Really like taking it to the farm. Great for harrying the maggies.

    But I've been a bit lazy about doing a follow up. Another voice pointing out how great a deal these are needs to happen.
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    HELP! I sold my soul to the internet
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    May 2009
    southern ontario
    I've put 100 rounds of light skeet loads thru this gun so far and I fired off 150 of my 200 slug loads
    50 thru each choke at 50 yards. Mod choke was the tightest but not by much. Full and ic weren't far behind. Now my slug loads are 7/8 oz lee key drive sitting in claybuster Grey wads over a load of 700x. Thru my extremely accurate rifled barrel slug gun I get 4" groups with my hand loads. Ragged hole with factory challengers and Rio. That said I got 5" -7" groups at 50 yards. That's a 50 shot group for each choke. My slug loads are not perfect. The gun is light. The trigger is still heavy but it breaks crisp. I was laying prone over a front bag so I had to shift my position each time. At 1400 fps ave they're not brutal in the recoil but it adds up. I'd have no issues shooting a deer at 65 yards with my hand loads. I'll try some factory slugs and repeat the test. Maybe not 50 from each choke but ill see how the local supply is.
    I haven't had time for any buck shot tests yet. I'm still saving cardboard from work in 2'x2' squares
    Overall I can't find fault with this gun at its price point except the trigger. It is heavy. I am however used to good trigger. It swings fast and comes up almost as nice as a rem 1100 which is a pretty good indication of how it feels. Walking wit it open is a breeze as it folds over on itself.
    With 250 shots it still shows no sign of wear. Even the breech face looks new. I'll continue to play with it. I'll also test some factory turkey loads in it just for fun. I'm going to see if I can match the thread and find a cheap turkey choke for it. For someone on a budget looking for a first shotgun for hunting its a great choice. It's simple and reliable so far. Shoots straight. My groupings with slugs were right on the money considering I was using the bead front sight and my eyes aren't so great.
    I wouldn't use it for coyotes as its a single shot and the idea of a scatter gun for coyotes is a quick shot for a double but for small game and turkey its actually ideal. Light an packable. Cheap enough you won't cry if it gets scratched

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