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Thread: May 15th imports -Will they miss the UN Markings?

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    May 15th imports -Will they miss the UN Markings?

    Someone here posted theorizing that the April 15th imports would be the last not to get marked? Is this true or will it be the May15th cutoff? I have 2 imports for May 15th that would be a travesty if they got marked!!!

    Thank you

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    If the May 15th imports were to get in before the markings and associated costs. I would like to get a couple more before they do.
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    Unfortunately the May export will not make it prior to June 1, 2017. This will be the last export that will be free of Canadian and UN intervention. Moving forward any firearms ordered after April 17th, will be subject to the new UN regulations, this will also include all imports that are not on the April Export. There will be no charge for anyone's firearms requiring UN markings should the law come into effect June 1st. All firearm purchases or imports dated after June 1, 2017 should the UN regulations come into effect will be subject to a 25.00 fee to ensure UN Compliance. IRUNGUNS will not be increasing prices on firearms and we have purchased the most advanced metal marking equipment available. We will post a video shortly of what we will be capable of offering. IRUNGUNS is also exploring the option of offering custom engraving services as well.

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    I thought we had a couple of weeks left... I have a GAP M40-A5 on the way now. Any chance you can remove the stock to engrave where it will not be visible?



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    Those are nice. Any chance we can buy and AR and have ir marked like those in the pics?

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