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Thread: A prime example of how concerned our government is on finances and the environment

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPgunguy View Post
    what surprises me most is that you only have 18 certificates! Lol (Not starting a pissin match!)
    Stuff all the excess in one of their envelopes and mark it return to sender.
    There are 4 actual certificates per page, I have been thinning the herd for a while now, but I thought all 18 pages could be sent in 1 envelope.
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    I hope your wife didnt think you bought 18 new guns. She'll ask for divorce.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta tactical rifle View Post
    There are 4 actual certificates per page, I have been thinning the herd for a while now, but I thought all 18 pages could be sent in 1 envelope.
    Ahh ok then! ... so if it were a pissin match, you sir just won. Lol
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    It looks rather dubious

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    Goverment at its finest

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta tactical rifle View Post
    Recently a folder that had all of my registration certificates got accidentally destroyed. I called up the CFC spoke to a real nice fellow about my problem and he said that the CFC would mail replacement certificates out within a day or 2. Great!! I expected more hassle but the exchange was very positive.
    Yesterday I got 18 envelopes from the CFC along with 18 sheets of green paper that the 18 registration certificates were wrapped in.

    Now I truly appreciate the service the CFC has provided, but maybe , just maybe all of the certificates could have been stuffed into 1 large envelope and saved a ton of postage that we tax payers are paying for and also shown that the government actually DOES care about the environment and saved a tree and all the costs of turning said tree into paper that is about to be thrown out?

    No small wonder our taxes are so high.

    Rant mode off!
    The government cares about one thing... power... everything else is just posturing to gain that power.
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    A few years ago I lost a couple certs so I asked that my certs be re-issued and compiled to 4 per sheet so I didn't have a stack inches thick. I was pleasantly told 'not a problem'. weeks later I recieved a stack of envelopes. Some one sheet had 4 certs the rest were singles and doubles. I just gave up and piled them with the others. At least the couple that I had lost were replaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trump308 View Post
    Wow, Probably didn't even strike them as stupid to be mailing 18 seperate envelopes to the same location...
    The kicker is it probably took 5 people to accomplish that.

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    My guess it’s an automated process. I doupt somebody physically fold, insert and lick each envelope !

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