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Thread: UN Marking Update....

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    The operator of my LGS predicted this a week ago... the problem with this whole firearm marking scam is the powers-at-be have no idea how to enforce it.

    The manufacturers arn't going to do it and the government won't do it. It will be up to the importers or retailers. So how to you enforce it and make sure it gets done?
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    Hey good news! Thanks for keeping us informed!

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    The latest information about firearms markings received from the RCMP

    Trudeau Liberals delay gun marking regulations despite election promise

    The Trudeau government is delaying implementation of firearm-marking regulations intended to help police trace guns used in crimes — despite a 2015 campaign pledge to immediately enact them. The government announced today it will defer the regulations, which were slated to come into force June 1, until the beginning of December 2018. It says the deferral will provide time needed to propose amendments to the regulations. An internal note to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, recently obtained through the Access to Information law, says the firearms community has long opposed the regulations and continues to advocate against them. The previous Conservative government delayed implementing the regulations several times. The long-planned regulations would require both domestically manufactured and imported firearms to carry specific markings. Canadian Press<https://ipolitics.ca/2017/05/19/trudeau-liberals-delay-gun-marking-regulations-despite-election-promise/> (iPolitics, Globe and Mail); La Presse Canadienne<http://www.infomedia.gc.ca/ps-sp/2017/05/20/205976371> (Le Droit; Le Quotidien) (2017-05-19)
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