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Thread: Why IRUNGUNS advertises in USD...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinnyQC View Post
    The USD prices don't bother me much, but since no one else is doing it, I'll play devil's advocate for a second:

    1. The customer is already pretty upset when he finds out the price is actually 30-40% higher due to exchange rate. That's a lot more than 4-6% percent price variation. And even if we don't talk about the fact that sometimes (half the time actually) that variation would be in favour of the customer, the point is that prices need to be right on the website, not in ads. Due to inflation, older advertisement almost always advertise prices that are lower than current prices (see the amount of necro-thread popping up with a comment such as "is this still in stock" for crates of ammos at 2010 prices...). I'm fairly certain that your own advertisement that are 2+ years old offer prices that are lower than what you sell for today.

    2. That's the whole point. Most people, all over the world, are used to their own currencies, and that's the currency they want to pay with. And when people say "the canadian site should be in CAD", you gotta admit that they have a point. What people are asking is for you to take care of the exchange rate, at least for items on the canadian website. And it does makes sense. Anyone who orders from expects to pay in USD, but those ordering from expect to pay in CAD. Since the amount of money you would exchange is probably much higher than any of your individual customers, you would get better exchange rate than any of us, including those with an amazon credit card. In any case, suggesting people get an amazon credit card is helpful, but not that much: some can't at all for many reasons, but for anyone, getting a credit card for a single transaction is a hassle, and it kills any chance of impulse purchase. If you don't want to take a currency risk by setting a price on canadian inventory at the moment the inventory crosses the borders, there are ways to hedge against those risks, and on larger volume, those hedge cost meaningless amount of money and don't need much financial knowledge to set them up.

    3. Almost nobody has access to the posted rate, even with an amazon credit card. But in any case, the problem isn't that people can't find out a ballpark rate, it's that they expect a canadian website to show prices in canadian dollars.

    And a bonus: Having the canadian site with a .US extension is just plain weird.
    You have valid points. I bought stuffs from IRG but I keep my mind open for better options and refuse to be a fan boy.

    Aren't Sears, Best Buy, Starbucks, and many other US based companies are US companies? The last time I checked they all sell their items in CAD. Additionally, aren't most of gun related items sold by Canadian retailers come from US anyway? Is IRG not getting their items from US as well? If the answer is yes to both questions, it means at some point both IRG and other Canadian retailers deal with USD. But only IRG prefer not to convert it into CAD.

    IRG prefer to not deal with exhange rate and put it on customers to deal with it. It is a smart move I must say but maybe not on customer best interest.
    Also, advertising in USD right now make the price "looks" lower as our CAD is so low. It gives illusions. Just like .99 cents vs .98 cents price tactic.
    Based on these 2 reasons I can see that this is a win win situation for IRG.

    Also those websites on google such as XE do not give you the real currency exchange that you and me pay. If you don't believe me, try to do this. Try to transfer some USD on your online banking from CAD account, it will give you the cost before you confirm and proceed. Now compare the currency with XE. They are not the same. You will pay much more always!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredchev View Post
    It's a lot more useful to our spouses.

    " it was a great deal honey, I paid 499 and everywhere else had it for 749 so I saved money"
    WOW... never thought of this angle before!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluidmax View Post
    Amazon Canada cancelled the Rewards Visa Card just last month. All existing members are getting their cards replaced by Scotia Momentum Card

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    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I believe the reason for the USD pricing is because of your business model - i.e. you belong to a firearms network and don't actually inventory all of the 55,000 items advertised on your US website - that would cost ?tens of millions. Customer places the order from Canada you get paid then you order from your supplier and export to Canada. I completely understand not wanting to get involved in the currency arbitrage game nor take on massive inventory which could sink anyone. The way you have it prices remain stable on the US side. However, when you bring goods across the border that are not already pre-sold you could then list your prices in Canada just like every other dealer does. At that point you have a fixed cost and can factor in margin. I don't really care either way. Have bought plenty of guns in USD. Maximum effort with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottawa View Post
    Great customer service over CGN!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluidmax View Post
    Amazon Canada cancelled the Rewards Visa Card just last month. All existing members are getting their cards replaced by Scotia Momentum Card
    Well....... I guess I better hurry up on ordering American stuff....

    Quote Originally Posted by SLToronto View Post
    or not changing? kinda figure they might send out some notice... at least that has been my exp in the past when CC companies buy o merge
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartNutz View Post
    Isn't Amazon anti-gun ? Using/promoting Amazon credit card wouldn't be against this community principle ?
    Name a business/company that is pro-gun. You certainly won't find one that will admit to it. Not outside of the shooting sports, anyways. Too politically incorrect. Most people equate guns with evilness.

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    Perhaps the next website update could include a Currency converter? Just for convenience sake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLToronto View Post
    I assumed the card WAS going to get canned, but had not yet happened. It's death is 100% as that's what happened to all the other cards Scotia bought. I hate big banks.

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    The folks that whine about currency conversion are not grasping the concept. Irunguns forces Canadian retailers to keep their margins reasonable, they have helped consumers immensely with their competitive pricing and extraordinary promos.

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