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Thread: Why IRUNGUNS advertises in USD...

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    Why IRUNGUNS advertises in USD...

    As the majority of our business is in the US and www.irunguns.com services both countries it is not an easy request to advertise in Canadian funds.

    1. The customer would be pretty upset if he or she purchased off our site from an ad that was 2 months old only to find out that they were charged an additional 4 to 6% because of the exchange rate changing from when the ad was posted to when he or she actually made the purchase.

    2. The other problem in that is that we do charge in USD and different credit cards have different exchange rates that they charge the customer. The best option is to get an Amazon Credit Card as they do not pad the exchange rate when the currency is converted.

    3. If IRUNGUNS was to advertise in Canadian funds it would never be accurate because of the heavy fluctuations in the currency. The easiest way to find the current exchange is to google "US to Canadian funds" and a currency calculator will pop up.

    I hope that helps

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    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

    The IRUNGUNS Team


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    I use to hate it... now I don't mind the US currency on your site.

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    The way that you do it is fair to both the customer and to yourself.
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    Haven't shopped here yet but listing in USD has never been a problem.
    I will purchase soon.

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    It's a lot more useful to our spouses.

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    What bigredchev said!!!

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    That makes perfect sense to me, besides only it takes like 30 seconds to just plug that price into xe.com to get a better idea of the cost in CDN.

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    Isn't Amazon anti-gun ? Using/promoting Amazon credit card wouldn't be against this community principle ?

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    I know paypal is anti gun- but i have purchased all types of firearms parts on amazon.com to the best of my knowledge they do not sell lower receivers or complete guns, but any other accessories are available I see even amazon.ca has muzzle breaks, holsters speed belts, rail systems etc. Hope this helps. The US list price is a blessing, as we can have a better idea of the mark up we are paying in Canada. and when the loonie gets a bit better, it will be nice to buy guns for those ridiculous american prices!

    Quote Originally Posted by MartNutz View Post
    Isn't Amazon anti-gun ? Using/promoting Amazon credit card wouldn't be against this community principle ?

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    good this should stop the whining.

    most people should be able to easily search a currency converter as find the Irunguns website. There model is a American retailer who uses their Canadian import/export license to sell across the boarder. Once upon the Canadian Dollar was at par then Turdo....
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