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Thread: Sig P225 TB

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    Thanks, that's a great offer for the sight swap. I'm on a list to get one so I was just wondering if I would just send in the slide or not and how I would go about that. I have a Sig sight pusher so I can adjust my own sights I just didn't want the tall suppressor sights.
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    If you send us the whole gun we will swap and test to assure its doing what you want it to before you get it back. Just the slide would work but won't allow us to look after it 100%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MD Charlton View Post
    To answer a few of the questions not already answered.. We would look after the sights for you but you'd have to get it back to us and let us know where it was shooting for you and where you'd like it to be all at nc. Yes a little more than others and a TB would add to the price. Not completely uncommon as mentioned they are here and selling but it needs to fit your hand and they are a smaller framed firearm with a single stack mag which makes them fit differently than most. An awesome firearm that shoots really well and stays right on target.
    I thought I read somewhere on this forum that you would swap the sights with regular Siglite sights for no charge, if we sent you the firearm.

    I'm not comfortable sending my P225 off in the mail and waiting for it to come back. Would you be willing to cover my local LGS fee?

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