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Thread: I saw bad reviews on Google, can I trust Tenda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortrange View Post
    Literally just got my first order from them today. Good prices and good service. No complaints.
    I ordered from Tenda for the first time a few weeks ago and had a great experience. Good prices, fast shipping. I will definitely buy from them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxer View Post
    Hi guys,

    I'm planning on buying a pistol and some ammo online at Tenda but I saw bad reviews on their customer service and shipping on Google reviews on their gun shop. Here,1,

    These reviews are made in the last few weeks.

    I have found a lot of good sayings about Tenda here but they are months and year ago. So did Tenda hired new employees or they changed their attitude or just the reviews are isolated incidents?

    Will appreciate if anyone purchased recently Online from them can share their thoughts.

    I ordered from them during one of their sales. The website kept crashing, so the order took 3 hours to make. Then they didn't ship it to me. I called a couple weeks later to follow up. They said hmm, we'll call you back. I called again a week later, where a sales guy told me it was shipped. I was forwarded to someone else, who said it was going to ship right away. They said there was an issue with the order and that's why it didn't ship (the issue clearly was that they forgot). I got bounced around some more and finally the next day I had a tracking number, but was told that this was an issue on my end (not sure how since no one called me). This was an order with 2 items on it and the staff were none too friendly either. It may be because I'm female, or maybe they just didn't care about me and my order. I'll try another order perhaps someday if the price is right, but the service I received was atrocious.

    My 2 cents.
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    I preordered a fx9 from them which has been fine but I have emailed them about 5 times over 3 months just trying to get an update and not once did they reply yet.... not a terrible thing but just frustrating.
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    Placed an order with Tenda about a month ago, everything was received in good order. I never ran into any hiccups that made me need to interact with their customer service, however.

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    I think there problem is staffing, you got account for slow times as well as when you are super busy. Very difficult to keep that employee balance, at times I have gone there the place is a zoo with so many people buying ammo etc and other times its quite so how do you staff accordingly? They are in a new location, I would assume their costs have gone way up as the place is way bigger than their last shop. You go there, people are in the store, the phone is ringing, online orders coming, how they keep it together is beyond me, when you are in the store you see how hard these guys and gal work! Unfortunately we are in a age where everyone wants everything NOW, it's not Amazon, its a few people trying to make a living, trying to keep everyone happy and they have good prices I can wait an extra week.
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    last 3 orders were a mess. They need more staff.
    1) Ordered a holster. Got the wrong one
    2) Ordered a bunch of ammo. Got backordered without notifying me. Waited 20 days until I could get someone to answer the phone. said sorry and sent out what they had the next day
    3) Ordered a bunch of .22 CCI high velocity. They sent standard velocity. Said they will give $20 gift cert or pay for the return.

    They need QC staff and people to answer phones.
    Tenda started off as an awesome place to get great deals. They are fast becoming a victim of their own success.
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    I have purchased 2 restricted guns from them and plenty of ammo. Service was excellent everytime I have dealt with them. ordered ammo to my home and not a problem at all.

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    I wish I could tell you how the customer service is but I haven't been able to get that far. I tried buying ammo 3 times and every time is says my card is declined (all info matched and not maxed out) so I called tenda and got a hold of a guy who said that it's my credit card thats having issues; not them. so I called my CFO to confirm my RPAL info was correct, CC company to make sure my card wasn't compromised and the info matched my RPAL and home address and still couldn't pay online. It sucks because I'd love to be able to claim some of the great deals they have on products.
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    I would deal with them again in a heartbeat.

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    Ryang call your bank they will clear instantly once you talk to them.

    My orders with Tenda have been great.

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