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Thread: Milarm : Warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilArm View Post
    Sorry, this is honestly incorrect. The OP called us earlier this week regarding the matter and we cut the cheque immediately when we realized the error. This was well before the post was made on CGN.
    Sounds like it fell through the cracks for whatever reason. Milarm has now appropriately and openly addressed it (well done btw) and once Canada post gets there job done everyone will have what they should. In my mind, it's a non issue once that happens.

    I think this thread has run its course for me at least.

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    None of this would stop me from buying from these guys.
    Unintentional errors happen. Such things have nothing to do with integrity or honesty.
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    Sh*t happens..... If you read multiple issues, sure be concerned. Otherwise carry on.... were all just human.

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    Since the OP has not responded to Milarm's efforts to resolve the issue I think the only one here showing any integrity at all is Milarm. Good job guys.
    I must say that even though we should be able to trust that the business won't fudge something as simple as this up, the firearm was still the property of the OP and he himself has to show someone responsibility for keeping track of its whereabouts. If I leave something on consignment at my local GS I call in every two weeks to check on it's status. First time I left one there, on the second time I called in to check I was told it had sold and that cheques for consignments were issued at the end of the month so I should receive it within the first few days of the next month. Well three weeks went by and still no cheque in my mail box. Instead of bit**ing and complaining I simply stopped in to ask why. They gave me a cheque right there and then. Turns out the person who writes the cheques was off sick for a few days and it was a simple oversight once she returned. I will keep doing business with them.
    To the OP... Mistakes happen. A consignment is basically a business contract between two sides. Both sides need to show responsibility in making sure obligations are met. I think Milarm has stepped up and shown responsibility on their end.... Now it's your turn

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    I think Milarm should throw in something for the inconvenience they caused. Mistakes do happen and they have owned up and made things right. I just think a small gift card may take away some of the bad taste associated with this deal.

    Ultimately it is Milams decision. Either way, I think this thread has run its course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fass57 View Post
    Milarm is no longer the trustworthy and reliable gun shop it used to be.
    I had a hand gun on consignment since a year. In January I asked if my gun was sold. No, still in the shop. First of June I called the store, and was told that the gun was sold a week ago, and my cheque will be mailed end of the week. Having no cheque and no Seller transfer notification, I called again a week later. As I could not know for sure if that gun was sold, I called the CFO and they told me the gun was sold in January ! So finally I got my seller notification dated January 17, but still no cheque from Milarm. As per today June 15, still no cheque. In 5 months nobody was able to call me to say the gun was sold, nobody cares about sending the Seller's transfer notice, and nobody able to put a cheque in the mail.
    These people are not honest, so be carefull if you want to deal with them.
    consignment? Never heard of that. Is that some kind of EE where you sell your guns cheap and don't get paid?
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    I just can't get over the 5 month thing. Mistakes happen, but half a year to rectify?
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    Quote Originally Posted by baldabe View Post
    OP, are you going to respond to MilArms generous offer? Public shaming is easy.
    What am I missin here?
    What generous offer?

    Quarter backing is easy - when you aren't the guy who's been stiffed for 5 months.

    Paying him his money 5 months late isn't "generous".
    It's bad business.

    Sounds like the OP was giving people a fair warning - and he's entitled to do so.
    The business is also entitled to respond - and they apologized for the error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddball_ted View Post
    I just can't get over the 5 month thing. Mistakes happen, but half a year to rectify?
    Once again... not entirely Milarm's fault it took so long. Yes they screwed up but I learned long ago that in the real world, if you want to see action you have to take action. The OP obviously hasn't been very proactive

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    To compensate for the "5 month sting", a business might offer a gift card / credit equal to whatever interest would have been saved on a standard credit card balance. That would be fair and good business. Good incentive to not let it happen again.
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