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Thread: Uzkon UNG-12 update?

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    Uzkon UNG-12 update?

    Hi TI, you folks have been awfully silent about this shotgun's proceedings, I am curious if you have successfully acquired one for the lab to examine, if so, how long has it been there, if you have an eta on a FRT decision, and how much longer after that would it take to get our preorders in once a NR FRT has been given.

    Thanks guys!
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    Shotgun was received in late winter after some delays from the manufacturer due to having to change barrel suppliers and fulfilling existing preorders. We sent to lab accompanied with a detailed technical report. Lab promised us a review in 120 days. After requesting update, their timeline was further clarified as 120 "business days", and are supposed to have results to us before Sept. 15th. Once receiving the shotgun back we will begin our extensive testing to ensure it will meet our high standards for durability and reliability and proceed with the order if things pass.
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