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Thread: Books for shooting techniques mental training and more at TESRO Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffles1 View Post
    I like the futuristic boots the guy has in the last picture
    They are shooting boots. Very specific to Olympic style rifle and some pistol disciplines. Yours truly has a pair and we sell them as well. The idea is that as they are flat soled and provide little bit extra ankle support they will help with balance with standing and support for kneeling positions. They do look very unusual if you have not seen them before and are certainly a conversation starter. Usually people tend to think that they are cross country boots.
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    Bill Pullam & Frank T. Heinenkrat. Sports rifle shooting. A guide for shooters and trainers. This book is incredible. There is so much useful and sensible material that it blows your head. My friend found it on a torrent, click here to find out how
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