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Thread: Outstanding service by Cadex

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    Outstanding service by Cadex

    I was having problems with my trigger in my Cadex and thinking it was time to clean it. I went ahead and put lighter fluid in it, not knowing it would be any different than my Jewell trigger. After which the trigger worked fine for about three rounds then it became extremely have to brake. Afterward the bolt wouldn't even cock. I called Patrice and told him what had happened. He told me to send the trigger back and he would send me a new one. In the meantime I desided to install my Jewell from another rifle. The Jewell worked well until it too showed the same tigger problems. So I was unclear if the problem was the trigger or the bolt. I contacted Patrice again and told him I would be in Ottawa the next day and I didn't mind driving to St Jean to drop the rifle off which would save some money and shipping time. He told me to come up, drop the rifle off, we'll give you a tour of the plant, give you a t-shirt and have your rifle fixed while you enjoy your tour. Even the owner Serge Dextraze spent some time talking with me.
    I couldn't believe this, I was completely shocked. This day and age no company stands by their product like this and agrees to fix it on the spot, except for Cadex. Very well done guys!

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    I like stories like this. I put my order in for a Cadex almost 2 years ago now when there weren't many on the market and there were few reviews. I took a bit of a gamble but was happy to take the risk with a Canadian company.

    From the get-go I've had nothing but excellent customer service (take note Stoeger / Beretta). It's reassuring as well to know that if I ever have any issues they will be looked after.

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