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Thread: Savage Axis II Scout Stainless 20" in 7.62x39 *North Sylva Exclusive*

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    Super GunNutz The Kurgan's Avatar
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    Gent's; any news on that p!ss poor magazine on the Axis 2 Scout? Has Savage released an updated magazine yet?
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    Well I called Savage a month or 2 ago re: nosediving 3rd round and they sent me a new magazine which just arrived today.

    with the new style latch mechanism as you can see. Fits well. Hope to try it soon.

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    CGN Regular StrelokM38's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Any updates as to where to get the updated magazines? Just picked one up this weekend brand new, and it's got the cruddy problematic mag in it.

    Wouldn't mind extras.

    Also, any idea how you disassemble the baseplate off of these mags?

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    I would be in for 2 new mags if you could get them. As well as a new firing pin spring, typical light strikes. Otherwise I do like this gun

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