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Thread: Savage Axis II Scout Stainless 20" in 7.62x39 *North Sylva Exclusive*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuthaFunk View Post
    I'd be very interested in one of these. Lose that break though! It's just not needed with this caliber.
    Lmfao yeah i thought the same thing....
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    Whatever, it looks good.

    x2 on the bore diameter question. Savage built a scout in 7. 62x39 years ago. The bore diameter was .308 and most owners reported poor accuracy for this reason.

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    where get?

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    pretty pricey for an Axis..a .308 bore would be a deal breaker,and pretty stupid of Savage to make the same mistake twice,same as the older Scout model.

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    0.308" bore gives poor accuracy?

    0,311" would be stupid! Go ahead and pull some bullets and get out your micrometer. I've pulled Russian, Czech, and Chinese 7.72x39 rounds apart. Most of the bullets mic'd at 0.3095" to 0.3105" A FEW bullets (and I mean less than 20) of all of them that I actually measured made it to 0.311"

    Now it's true that I have never measured and Finnish 7.62x39 rounds, nor have I measured any North American commercial ammo.

    I might be able to see how the added bullet distortion of a tight bore _might_ mean that you'd never get a reliable 1/2 MOA.. However, lobbing .310 bullets down a .311 bore isn't exactly a recipe for top-notch accuracy either.

    .308" bore and a 1-10" twist and I will own one before the end of August! (providing they are actually in stock someplace, and this isn't just vapourware)
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    Nice to see a bolt gun with quality peep sights at a long radius.
    I liked my Axis in .223 Rem
    Not my thing these days but very cool to see a stock bolt gun with good irons on her!
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    No brake, 16.5" barrel and I'd be interested

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    I have the older Scout in 7.62x39mm and with Canada Ammo non corrosive I get 1.5" at 100m. The 308 bore was designed to work the best with a wide range of ammo and allow reloaders the best choice of bullets in 308.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docscoutjr View Post
    where get?
    As of right now Frontier Taxidermy & Durham Outdoors are the only stocking dealers. Thanks.
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    Sierra manual pg.494
    They used .311 in the Ruger test rifle and .308 in a Russian SKS
    " Although hardly a ideal situation,both combinations performed surprisingly well"
    So any combination will work well!!

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