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Thread: Savage Axis II Scout Stainless 20" in 7.62x39 *North Sylva Exclusive*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada tail View Post
    A dressed up axis for 2.5 times the price. Not my thing.
    Considering its a stainless axis II (it has the accu trigger) its more like a $200 price tag for the iron sights and scout mount. Certainly nowhere near 2.5 times the price, at any rate. You'd have to be comparing it to a blued axis 1, and even those go for $400+ these days.
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    Hey NS any word on 10 and or 20Rnd mags for this baby? Get Savage to make/bring in those and you have got yourselves a real hit with this rifle.
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    ^ This.

    Is there anyway or market to have these mags made with a steel/metal release? I would be all over this if I did not have to worry about breaking my magazine in -30 temps.


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    Don't forget there is USD$50 Mail-In Rebate from Savage Arms!!!


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