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Thread: Building the Best Canadian Made Pistol Carbine (Non-Restricted!)

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    Thumbs up Building the Best Canadian Made Pistol Carbine (Non-Restricted!)

    Please help us by answering our POLL! (Don't have Facebook? LOOK Below)

    Lockhart Tactical would be honored to have your quick thoughts while we ramp up to build the best pistol caliber carbine while our UBS-12 is in production.

    Key features we plan on implementing:
    1) Ambi charing handle (side charging or AR15 style)
    2) Ambi ejection
    3) Last Round Open Bolt Hold
    4) Bolt Release
    5) Tool-less receiver take down for easy cleaning
    6) Tool-less 1 second (handguard + barrel) take down quick release for compact storing and cleaning
    7) High end USA MADE carbon fiber / Stainless Steel barrel Included at no additonal cost
    8) Lifetime warranty on barrel
    9) Lifetime warranty on firearm
    10) Entire firearm as lightweight as possible
    11) Will accept Glock Mags, Smith / Wesson M&P Mags and others high in demand
    ) Made in Canada!
    13) Impressive skeletonized handguard with ability to add rails on all sides, MLOK or bolt on, NO KEYMOD junk!

    Target price point: Under $1400 CDN

    We will make the carbine look as similar to an AR15 as possible while maintaining our own design to ensure it is NON-RESTRICTED.

    Picture below shows the high end barrel (May end up being RED / BLACK carbon fiber!)

    Name:  LT-Carbine.jpg
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    If you don't have Facebook, we'd give you a pat on the back! If it wasn't for it's social media usefulness in business, we wouldn't have it either!


    Here are the questions we ask:

    Q1) Is an ambidextrous ejection port important to you when buying a firearm?
    We want to ensure we have the features that most want, while keeping the cost as low as possible
    Option 1: I only buy firearms that are capable of ejection on both sides
    Option 2: No, I would buy it anyways

    Q2) Is an ambidextrous charging handle important?
    Option 1: I only buy firearms that are capable of ambi charging
    Option 2: No, I would buy it anyways

    Q3) Do you prefer side charging handles or an AR15 style charging handle?

    Option 1: I prefer side charging handles (Left or Right side of the firearm)
    Option 2: I prefer AR15 style charging handles

    Q4) Does "Take Down" matter? Do you care if you can separate the rifle easily to make it more compact?
    We plan on developing a 1 second, tool-less twist lock release that separates the Barrel and hand guard together as one piece from the receiver Allowing super compact storage, and easy cleaning
    Option 1: I prefer my firearms to have a "Take Down"
    Option 2: I wouldn't ever, or very rarely use that feature

    Q5) Does weight matter to you?
    Of course we want to make everything as lightweight as possible, but we want to know how much it matters to you.
    Option 1: Yes, I want everything to be as lightweight as possible
    Option 2: I don't care how heavy it is!

    Q6) Weight Savings - Would you pay slightly more to save more weight?
    Option 1: Pay more for better lighter materials
    Option 2: Heavy and cheap works for me

    Q7) What kind of barrel? We want to build the best rifle package at the most competitive price possible.
    We feel that most companies uses cheap barrels. We want to use the best. If we can include a Carbon Fiber, SS barrel at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, would you want that? Or prefer just regular steel, or SS?
    Lifetime warranty on the barrel! and our Firearm!
    Option 1: Plain regular steel - Cheapest
    Option 2: Slightly more expensive Stainless Steel - No Rust
    Option 3: High-end Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Wrapped - BEST!

    Q8) What kind of forend / handguard?
    Option 1: I need a quad rail for accessories on all sides
    Option 2: I only need a top and bottom rail
    Option 3: I prefer a simple round handguard with no rails or very limited

    Q9) Do you care if firearms are made in Canada?
    Option 1: Yes! I support Canadian Business - If price is fair
    Option 2: Don't Honestly Care, pricing is most important

    Q10) Price Point - What price do you think would be fair for an incredible Canadian made Non-Restricted firearm like this
    Option 1: 700-1000
    Option 2: 1000-1300
    Option 3: 1300-1600
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    Tactical Equipment Solutions

    Vancouver Island, BC


    Have you seen our BULLET PROOF armor SALE? CLICK HERE

    We're PRO Canada, PRO Gun!

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    God this is going to be a horrible thread to follow.

    Price point sound real interesting.
    Shooter and Collector (kinda)

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    Why does it have to look like the AR-15? If it is to be non-restricted, wouldn't that just cause problems if it is easily mistaken for an AR-15?
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    I love it.
    Thanks for innovating and making new products for our Canadian market!!
    Price point is nice.
    And an NR pistol calibre carbine with the same manual of arms as an AR is awesome.

    A couple suggestions (for what it's worth)

    ** pls Make the charging handle AR or right side pls.
    Us lefties hate that left side charger like the xcr.

    **for the NR pls Make the handrail as long as the xcr competition rail.
    Gets rid of that huge amount of barrel hanging out the end and a lot better for wielding such a long rifle.

    **if you can pls make all the controls full ambi.

    And a little off topic but I love the URX4 rail from KAC..... you think it's junk? Lol
    Click, Bang.

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    Vote for a 7.62x25mm version.

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    butt fook nowhere
    this has my attention,particularly a 10 round mag and NR
    typical British wankers

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    .40 cal! I'd take your poll but it's on facebook.

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    While Glock mags are the standard for PCC, consider that there are a lot of CZ owners out here that would really be excited to use the mags we all ready have. If its wish list then I would also include Fns-9l mags, cause? why not

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    Make one in 10MM please
    Looking for members in Grande Prairie Alberta interested in wilderness skills, survival skills, camping, prepping, shooting, etc.

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    If it can be done for that price, I'm definitely interested. Also, LOL at the MLok vs. Keymod shenanigans.

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